My Stump Speech

All great political movements start with a blank sheet of paper.  It is there that the candidate writes down his or her thoughts that they hope will transform the world and saves them for that speech they hope to give later.   In making that speech we hope to give, some of us would like to be as eloquent as Martin Luther King, or as inspirational as JFK or his brother Bobby, and none of us dare to think we could pull off a Gettysburg address like Lincoln.   What made those men great besides their own talents for communication with the masses, was the times they were in set the stage, the times created the necessity for bold action and truth seeking.   They knew their place in history and would not dare let their name be associated with failure.   With that in mind  in making my speech today I do so knowing I am standing on the shoulders of great leaders who took unpopular, but ultimately correct political positions as time and history has shown.   My being here as a political candidate is possible because of the dreams of others before me making it possible and the risks they took.  The great people I speak of and their countrymen and women preserved our democracy when confronted with maxim hours of danger threatening its existence.   They not only inspired Americans to fight for their country and to preserve its ideals, they made sure Americans were rewarded with the blessings of liberty God gave to them as a consequence.   Americans I know never give up on their Country or its potential.   Indeed, since the nation was founded America has weathered through 17 recessions starting in 1797 from land speculators going bust, to major economic events based upon railroad strikes, wartime demobilization, energy cost inflation, real estate investment speculation and bank credit failures that forced the severe retraction of the national economy causing unemployment rates as his has 25% during the Great Depression which lasted 10 years from 1929 to 1938.   Your parents likely grew up in the Depression and when they got their hands on extra money, it went into a saving account, not the cash register at Best Buy as it might today.


America has always found a way to solve its problems and weather its storms.  And that is the key issue for me to resolve.   Why would I run for County Commissioner, after practicing law for almost 30 years?   The answer is simple.  I have learned, admittedly sometimes the very cruel hard way; that the most satisfying thing one can do in life is help your fellow man, woman or child overcome problems, get over obstacles and solve their problems.   Helping neighbors out in times of trouble and giving charity is good for the soul and the reward is most satisfying.  I will spare you my war stories, but I can tell you from my fighting in Courts for clients and causes, arguing the law and seeking its enforcement or its change in some places as high as the Supreme Court as needed to ensure justice, and settling legal disputes over the decades I have become a most effective problem solver.   Sometimes in solving problems one has to push hard against immobile objects until they move.  I can do that.   Sometimes in solving problems one has to fight with all their strength to get the job done and accept a lot of humiliating punches to the gut in return.  I can do that.   Sometimes in solving problems one has to show great mercy and tender action, and I can do that too.   What matters is and has always been getting the job done when solving a problem.  And although I know some problems like infrastructure spending, environmental regulation, and personnel hiring and firing are always issues for any Medina County Commissioner to resolve, I can say, being a former Marine Corps grunt who can take it, I will take anything you throw at me.  I am tested.  And I know without a shadow of a doubt I can say I am the man to solve whatever problem it thrown at me and my future fellow Medina County Commission Board members.   I have studied the law related to running a County government.  I have studied the role of County Commissioners and the problems they must face and solve.   Everything they do is about protecting the residents of this County’s life, and liberty.   It all costs money and time to take care of this business.   And it all comes down to leadership.  As a lawyer and former Marines Corps Captain I intend to provide this County with the leadership it needs.  I hope you will elect me to the job, Medina County Commissioner.  Thank you.