Michael Terrence Conway for Medina County Commissioner 2020

The job of a county commissioner is to be a government leader overseeing the functioning and financing of county agencies and employees, to make policy decisions that benefit the people of Medina County, and to take charge in solving county wide problems as they come up.    There is no instruction manual for this job.   There is no course you can take in school to learn this job.  You have to have military and civilian leadership experience as I have, and a hard drive work ethic as I have, and a desire to make change for the advancement and security of our society as I will.    I am here to serve.

On taxes:  I am not agreeing to vote to raise local taxes.  Medina County has increased its population by 25% between 1990 and 2000, by 2010 the County increased its population by another 14% and by 2019 increased by an estimated 4.3%.    Doubling the population of the county equates to doubling the amount of people paying taxes for government services and infrastructure.    You cannot tell me that the cost of providing government services to the population has increased 50% since the last election cycle when the Federal Reserve estimates the rate of inflation in 2020 alone is .08% and before that about 2.2% per annum and the average interest rate for borrowing money is about 2.5%.

Infrastructure and Parks:  The County is growing and new roads built to last through hard winters and non-polluting water and sewer systems have to be maintained.   I am tired of seeing soap suds and beer cans bobbling around in waterfalls in our parks.   Green space and wetlands are important to add to the design of new neighborhoods and common areas and construction growth has to be managed with property zoning maintained to keep up property value so we do not become another Parma or Brook Park.  Medina County is a special place and we all have to be invested in its future and in its land to maintain our quality of living.   Public buildings like the courthouse have to be maintained and modernized at a reasonable price.   I am also not going to allow the speculators from Texas and Oklahoma to come into our County and tear it up to make a few bucks at your expense extracting oil and gas and ruining the view and peace and quiet and enjoyment of land here.